Monday, 20 August 2012


Today's WOTD is: "jabalí" = wild boar

In Spanish, the noun "jabalí"* is a masculine noun of Hispanic Arabic origin which means wild boar.

*NB Please note that the plural is “jabalíes”.

In Spanish, the noun “piara” is used to refer to a herd of wild boar.

Some commonly used expressions containing the words "jabalí" are:
  • Estofado de jabalí (wild boar stew);
  • Puerco jabalí (wild hog);

Some examples of the use of the word "jabalí" are:
  • El estofado de jabalí al vino tinto está riquísimo (wild boar in red wine stew is really nice);
  • Un puerco jabalí nos destroza el huerto (a wild hog is destroying our vegetable garden); loves the word "jabalí" in the YouTube clip: lobos cazan jabali.av

For more on the word "jabalí", visit: Jabalí

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