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Today's WOTD is: "gasto" = expense
1. In Spanish, “gasto” is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is expense, as in:
  • Ese es un gasto necesario (that is a necessary expense);
2. A related word is the action word/ verb “gastar”, to spend, as in:
  • Hemos gastado mucho en este viaje (we have spent a lot in this trip);

3. The related describing word/ adjective “gastado”/ “gastada” means worn out, as in:
  • Esos zapatos están gastados del todo (those shoes are completely worn out);

4. Some Spanish expressions with the word “gasto” are:
  • Cubrir gastos (to cover costs);
    • El negocio va tan mal que ni cubrimos los gastos (business is so bad that we don't even cover costs);
  • Gasto público (public spending);
  • Gastos bancarios (bank charges);
  • Gastos de comunidad (communal/ condominium charges);
  • Gastos de correo (postage/ postal charges);
  • Gastos de defensa (defence spending);
  • Gastos de envío (post & packing charges);
  • Gastos de explotación (operating costs);
  • Gastos de mantenimiento (maintenance costs);
  • Gastos de representación (expenses);
  • Gastos de viaje (travel expenses);
  • Gastos del juicio (the legal costs);
    • Tuvimos que pagar los gastos del juicio (we had to pay the legal costs)
  • Gastos de estructurales (overheads);
  • Gastos fijos (overheads);
  • Gastos generales (general expenses);
  • Gastos varios (sundries);
  • Meterse en gastos (to incur expense);
    • Nos hemos metido en muchos gastos (we have incurred a lot of expense);
  • Restringir gastos (to limit/ cut expenditure);
    • Tenemos que restringir gastos (we have to cut expenditure);
  • Suponer un gasto (to cost);
    • La reparación de la caldera supondría un gasto de dos mil euros (it would cost 2000 Euro to repair the boiler); loves the word "gasto" in the YouTube clip: Arcangel- Gastos Largos (La Formula) Audio Oficial

For more on the word "gasto", visit: Gasto

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “gasto” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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