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Today's word is: "cesta" = basket

1. In Spanish, “cesta* is a feminine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is basket, as in:
  • Hay cestas de fruta (there are fruit baskets);

2. Some expressions in Spanish with the word “cesta” are:
  • Cesta de la compra (shopping basket*);
    • La cesta de la compra no es tan cómoda como el carrito (the shopping basket is not as comfortable as the shopping trolley);
    • La leche es uno de los elementos de la cesta de la compra en España (milk is one of the typical everyday consumer products in Spain);
    • La cesta de la compra cuesta cada día más (the shopping basket gets more expensive every day);
  • Cesta de Navidad (Christmas hamper/ basket);
  • Cesta de mimbre** (wicker basket);
  • Cesta punta (sport also known as jai alai);
*The phrase “cesta de la compra” may refer to:
  • A physical shopping basket
  • A mix or bundle of typical everyday consumer products
  • The cost of that mix or bundle of typical everyday consumer products
**Sometimes also called a “cesta de paja” or “cesta de pajilla” (straw basket)

3. The related masculine word “cesto* is often used with a similar meaning as “cesta” -sometimes used to refer to a bigger type of basket.

Some expressions in Spanish with the word “cesto” are:
  • Cesto de mimbre (wicker basket);
  • Cesto de los papeles (waste paper basket);
  • Estar hecho un cesto (to be extremely tired or drunk/ to be wrecked);
  • Ser un cesto (to rude/ ignorant/ an ignoramus);

*The sport of basketball is commonly known in Spanish as “baloncesto” and “cesto” or “cesta” used to refer to the basket/ hoop.

4. A related word is the action word/ verb “encestar”, which means:
  • To place something inside a basket/ to encase it;
  • To score a basket (in basketball); loves the word "cesta" in the YouTube clip: CestaPunta

For more on the word "cesta", visit: Cesta

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “cesta” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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