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Today's WOTD is: "almohada" = pillow

In Spanish, “almohadais a feminine noun of Arabic origin, the main meaning of which is pillow.

A related noun is “almohadilla” which may be used to refer to various forms of cushioning devices, such as:

  • A pincushion
  • An ink pad
  • A postage stamp damper
  • An ordinary cushion
  • In baseball, a bag
  • In architecture, a bolster

Also related is the noun “almohadón” which may be used to refer to a:
  • An ordinary cushion
  • A kneeler/ hassock
  • A pillowcase/ pillow slip (Spain)

A couple of expressions with the word “almohada” are:
  • Consultarlo con la almohada (to sleep on it);
  • Funda de almohada (pillowcase);

A couple of examples of the use of the word "almohada" are:
  • Yo preferiría consultarlo con la almohada (I would prefer to sleep on it);
  • Esa funda de almohada es para lavar (that pillowcase is for washing); loves the word "almohada" in the YouTube clip: Almohada - Jose Jose

For more on the word "almohada", visit: Almohada

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “almohada” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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