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Today's WOTD is: "falta" = lack

1. In Spanish, “falta” is a feminine noun of Latin origin meaning lack, scarcity or shortage, as in:
  • La falta de agua pone en peligro la producción de alimentos (the lack/ scarcity/ shortage of water puts food production at risk);

2. The noun “falta” is a term often used to mean an error, an infringement of rules or in sports a foul, as in:
  • Debemos evitar las faltas de ortografía (we ought to avoid spelling mistakes);
  • El árbitro pitó falta (the referee blew for a foul);

3. The noun “falta” is also a term often used to mean an absence, as in:
  • Se nota la falta de vuestros amigos (the absence of your friends is felt);

4. The noun “falta” is also a term often used to mean a fault or defect, as in:
  • Se vende mueble de madera en buen estado/ sin faltas (item of furniture made of wood in good condition/ without defects for sale);

5. A related word is the action word/ verb “faltar”, used as:
  • Dinero no os falta, ¿verdad? (you are not short of money, are you?);
  • Aquí falta dinero (there is money missing here);
  • No me faltes, por favor (don't insult me/ don't be rude to me, please);
  • Ayer falté a clase de español (yesterday I missed my Spanish lesson);
  • Sólo faltan unas horas para la salida del vuelo (we are only a few hours away from the flight departure);

6. Also related is the describing word/ adjective “falto”/ “falta” (lacking or short) as in:
  • Esos chicos están faltos de autoestima (those kids are lacking in self esteem);

7. Some expressions in Spanish with the word “falta” are:
  • A falta de (in the absence of);
    • A falta de pan buenas son tortas (Spanish proverb which could translated as “beggars can't be choosers”);
  • Ante la falta de (given/ considering the lack/ the shortage of);
    • Ante falta de transporte, tuvimos que ir a pie (given the lack of transport, we had to go on foot)
  • Echar en falta (to miss)
    • Desde que se fue lo echo mucho en falta (since he is gone, I miss him a lot);
  • Falta de coordinación (lack of coordination);
  • Falta de disciplina (lack of discipline);
  • Falta de educación (lack of education);
  • Falta de fondos (lack of funds);
  • Falta de ortografía (spelling mistake/ error);
  • Falta de respeto (lack of respect);
  • Falta de seriedad (lack of reliability*);
  • Falta de sueño (lack of sleep);
  • Hacer falta (to be needed/ to be necessary);
    • Me haces falta (I need you);
  • Sin falta (without fail/ for certain);
    • Tienes que estar allí a las seis sin falta (you must be there at six without fail)
* NB Only applicable to people -akin to untrustworthiness/ a person who cannot be relied upon loves the word "falta" in the YouTube clip: JenniferLopez - Me Haces Falta 

For more on the word "falta", visit: Falta*

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “falta” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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