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Today's WOTD is: "caza" = hunt

In Spanish, “caza” is a feminine noun of Latin origin the main meaning of which is hunt.

The word may also be used to refer to the following:

  • The hunting of animals;
  • Hunted animals, game;
  • Meat, game;
  • A pursuit;
  • A fighter plane*;
*NB In this case, "caza" is a masculine noun.

Some words related to "caza" are:
  • The action word/ verb “cazar” which means to hunt (for food or sport), to catch, to capture.
  • The feminine noun “cacería” which is commonly used to refer to a shoot or a hunt.
  • The describing word/ adjective “cazador”/ “cazadora”* which means hunter.
*NB The feminine form, cazadora” is often used to refer to a type of jacket (bomber jacket or similar).

Some expressions with the word “caza” are:
  • Avión de caza (fighter plane);
  • Caza furtiva (poaching);
  • Caza ilegal (poaching);
  • Caza mayor (big game hunting);
  • Caza menor (small game hunting);
  • Cazadora de cuero (leather jacket/ bomber jacket);
  • Cazadora de piel (leather jacket/ bomber jacket);
  • Coto privado de caza (a game reserve with controlled access);
  • Trofeo de caza (hunting trophy);

Some examples of the use of the words "caza" and related words are:
  • Hoy no vas a salir de caza, ¿verdad? (you are not going to go hunting today, are you?);
  • Por aquí hay mucha caza, ¿verdad? (there is a lot of game around here, isn't there?);
  • Ese guiso se hace normalmente con caza pero yo lo hago con pollo (that stew usually contains game but I am making it with chicken);
  • Ese caza es un avión muy rápido y versátil (that fighter plane is a very fast and versatile aeroplane);
  • El reportero anda la caza de las noticias (the journalist is in pursuit of news);
  • Los hombres de esa tribu salen a cazar casi a diario (the men in that tribe go hunting -for food almost daily);
  • A Pedro le gusta cazar con halcón (Pedro likes falconry -hunting sport);
  • Cazaron al ladrón con las manos en la masa (the thief was caught red handed);
  • La cacería la organizó el dueño de la finca (the shoot/ hunt was organised by the owner of the estate);
  • Ayer cazaron aquí un jabalí grandísimo (yesterday a huge wild boar was captured here);
  • Antonio es piloto de avión de caza (Antonio is a fighter plane pilot);
  • El implante de microchips puede servir para combatir la caza furtiva (microchip implantations could be useful in combating poaching);
  • El implante de microchips puede servir para combatir la caza ilegal (microchip implantations could be useful in combating poaching);
  • La temporada de caza mayor ha comenzado (the big game season has started);
  • La temporada de caza menor ha comenzado (the small game season has started);
  • Te queda muy bien esa cazadora de cuero (you really suit that leather jacket);
  • Te queda muy bien esa cazadora de piel (you really suit that leather jacket);
  • Se venden trofeos de caza (hunting trophies for sale); loves the word "caza" in the YouTube clip: LACAZADORA. MIGUEL SAEZ (videoclip oficial)

For more on the word "caza", visit: Caza

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “caza” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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