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Today's word of the day is: amor' = love.

The Spanish word 'amor' is a masculine noun of Latin origin. The Spanish noun 'amor' may be used to refer to love (a feeling) or love (a person/ a 'loved one').

A related Spanish action word/ verb is 'amar'. The English meaning of the verb 'amar' is to love.

Related describing words/ adjectives are 'amoroso' and 'amorosa' which can be used to describe someone as loving or affectionate.

How To Say 'I Love You' in Spanish
When you want to say “I Love You” in Spanish you could say:
  • Te amo*
  • Te quiero*

*NB Please note that the words 'amo' and 'quiero' in these expressions mean 'I love'. Whilst the word 'te' means 'you'. Please note also that:
  • In some regions, 'te amo' has become heavily associated with over dramatic TV 'soaps' and is rarely used.
  • The expression 'te quiero' is more commonly used by everyone (lovers, couples, parents and children, etc.)
  • A very emphasised form of 'te quiero' can be used to indicate a more passionate or intimate love.
  • The expression 'te quiero' (literally 'I want you'), will often mean something different when not on its own, for example, 'te quiero ver' really means: I want to see you.
  • Anther expression commonly used to say 'I love you' in Spanish is “Te adoro” (I love you/ I adore you).

Love in Other Words
  • Cariño* ↔ darling/ honey/ sweetheart/ love
  • Cielo** ↔ darling/ honey/ sweetheart/ love
  • Corazón*** ↔ darling/ honey/ sweetheart/ love
  • Mi alma**** ↔ my love/ my darling/ my sweetheart
  • Mi vida***** ↔ my love/ my darling/ my sweetheart
  • Querido****** ↔ dear/ darling/ sweetheart/ love

*NB Literal meaning: love/ affection. Often used in its shortened version “cari
**NB Literal meaning: heaven. Often used as a diminutive, “cielito”.
***NB Literal meaning: heart.
****NB Literal meaning: my soul.
*****NB Literal meaning: my life.
******NB Literal meaning: dear.

Other Love Expressions
  • Abrázame ↔ hug me!
  • Bésame ↔ kiss me!
  • ¡Dime que me quieres! ↔ tell me that you love me!
  • Eres guapísimo ↔ You are very handsome (you say it to a male)
  • Eres guapísima ↔ You are very pretty/ beautiful (you say it to a female)
  • Estoy enamorado de ti ↔ I am in love with you (if you are a male)
  • Estoy enamorada de ti ↔ I am in love with you (if you are a female)
  • Estoy loco por ti ↔ I am crazy about you (if you are a male)
  • Estoy loca por ti ↔ I am crazy about you (if you are a female)
  • ¡Hagamos el amor! ↔ Let's make love!
  • Me encantas ↔ I like you (strong like/ attraction)
  • Me fascinas ↔ I like you (strong like/ attraction/ fascination)
  • Me gustas ↔ I like you
  • Me gustas mucho ↔ I like you very much (strong like/ attraction)
  • No puedo vivir sin ti ↔ I cannot live without you
  • Quiero hacer el amor contigo ↔ I want to make love to you
  • Te echo de menos ↔ I miss you
  • Te he echado de menos ↔ I have been missing you
  • Te necesito ↔ I need you

Love in Proverbs ('Refranes')
  • Afortunado en el juego desgraciado en amores ↔ lucky at cards unlucky in love
  • Amor de lejos es de pendejos (long distance love is fools love/ love from afar is a fool's love);
  • Amor con amor se paga ↔ it is payback time
  • Amor, una palabra pequeña para un sentimiento grande ↔ love, a small word but a big feeling.
  • El amor es ciego ↔ love is blind
  • En la guerra y el amor todo vale ↔ all is fair in love and war
  • Hay amores que matan ↔ some loves kill

Proverbs courtesy of: Refranero Castellano
Proverbs translation by:

Other Common Expressions
The words “amor”, “amar” and “amoroso”/ “amorosa” are commonly used in expressions such as:
  • Amar al prójimo (to love one's neighbour);
  • Amor a primera vista (love at first sight);
  • Amor apache (the love in a love-hate relationship);
  • Amor al prójimo (love for one's neighbour);
  • Amor de juventud (puppy love/ young love);
  • Amor de madre (mother's love);
  • ¡Amor mio! (my love!);
  • Amor no correspondido (unrequited love);
  • Amor platónico (platonic relationship);
  • Amor propio (self-esteem/ self-respect/ self-motivation);
  • ¡Ay mi amor! (oh my love!);
  • Carta de amor (love letter);
  • Cegado por el amor (blinded by love);
  • Compromiso amoroso (romantic commitment);
  • Consumar el amor (to consummate love);
  • Declaración de amor (declaration of love);
  • Declararle a alguien tu amor (to declare your love for someone- familiar expressions);
  • Declararle a alguien su amor (to declare your love for someone- formal expressions);
  • Desengaño amoroso (romantic disappointment);
  • El amor es ciego (love is blind);
  • El amor de su vida (the love of someone's life);
  • El gran amor de su vida (the love of someone's life);
  • El primer amor (the first love);
  • Escarceo amoroso (romantic fling/ love affair);
  • Hacer el amor (to make love);
  • Locura de amor (irrationality/ craziness of love- acts/ behaviour );
  • ¡Mi amor! (my love!);
  • Por amor al arte (seeking no reward/ with disregard for any potential reward);
  • Por amor al deporte (seeking no reward/ with disregard for any potential reward);
  • ¡Por el amor de Dios! (for the love of God!);
  • Practicar el amor libre (to engage in free love);
  • Prueba de amor (love test);
  • Relación amor odio (love-hate relationship);
  • Relaciones amorosas (love live/ affairs of the heart);
  • Ser un amor (to be a darling);
  • Siente mi amor (feel my love);
  • Te quiero, mi amor (I love you, my love);
  • Temas de amor (matters of love/ songs of love);
  • Triángulo amoroso (love triangle);
  • Vida amorosa (love life); loves the word 'amor' in the YouTube clip: Julio Iglesias –El Amor

For more on the word 'amor', visit: Amor

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