Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What Time Is It?

Imagine you are talking to a relative, a friend or colleague. You have been talking for a little while. At some point, the other person becomes concerned about something and says to you something like: "what time is it?"

In Spanish, the other person would more likely say:
¿Qué hora es?

The question is an invitation for you to state the current time. Your answer will depend on what time it is. So you look at your watch/ a clock and tailor you reply to the time you see.

Here are some examples of how you could reply (each example corresponds to a specific time):
  • Es la una en punto (it is one o'clock);
  • Es la una menos cuarto (it is a quarter to one);
  • Es la una y veinte (it is twenty past one);
  • Son las cinco en punto (it is five o'clock);
  • Son las cinco menos diez (it is ten to five);
  • Son las cinco y media (it is half past five);

Alternatively, if you don't know what time it is, you could say:
  • Lo siento, no sé que hora es (I am sorry, I don't know what time it is);

Now you should practise answering the question:
¿Qué hora es?

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