Thursday, 2 June 2011


The word of the day is: 'cuanto'= as much as/ how much (in questions).
In Spanish, the adverb  'cuanto' is used when quantifying amounts... and in questions about the quantity, value or worth of something.
 As an adjective or pronoun, 'cuanto'/ 'cuanta' is used to qualify quantities or numbers (as much/ as many) (see examples below).

As a noun, 'el cuanto' is the quantum.

Grammar.- When used in questions or exclamations, we should place an accent over the 'a', i.e.: 'cuánto' (see examples below).

We also use 'cuanto' in expressions such as:
  • Cuanto antes (as soon as possible)
  • Cuanto más (let alone)
  • En cuanto (as soon as)
  • En cuanto a (as for/ with regards to)
  • Por cuanto (insofar as)
  • Unos cuantos/ Unas cuantas (a few)

Examples of usage are:
  • Comieron cuanto pudieron (they ate as much as they could)
  • Es difícil para mi cuanto más para ti (it is hard for me, let alone for you)
  • Hazlo cuanto antes, por favor (please do it as soon as possible)
  • ¿Cuánto es/ cuánto cuesta? (how much is it?)
  • ¡Cuánta lluvia! (What an amount of rain!)
  • Hazme cuántas preguntas quieras (ask me as many questions as you want0)
  • Come cuanta fruta quieras (eat as much fruit as you want)
  • Hablé con unas cuantas personas (I spoke to a few people)
  • En cuanto a tus amigos, ya veremos (as for your friends, we shall see) loves the word 'cuanto' in the song '¡Cuánto te quiero!' by Pimpinela:

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