Wednesday, 8 June 2011


The word of the day is: 'bailar'= to dance.

The Spanish action word/ verb  'bailar' is used describe an action of moving rythmically (to dance). 

In some latin American countries, 'bailar' may also be used to mean: to steal, to deceive/ to mislead, to have a sexual relationship... or even to kill.
The related noun 'baile' means a dance.

The verb 'bailar' is used in the folowing common expressions:
  • Quitar lo bailado (take away good times already had)
  • Otro que tal baila (he is just as bad)
  • Otra que tal baila (she is just as bad)
  • Bailar al son que tocan (to go with the flow/ adapt)
  • Bailar el agua ( to suck up to someone/ to flatter)
  • Sacar a bailar (to ask to dance)

Examples of usage of 'bailar'are:
  • A nosotros nos gusta mucho bailar (we really like dancing)
  • Después de la fiesta ¡que nos quiten lo bailado! (after the party, no one can take that away from us)
  • Manolo es un vago y Pedro, otro que tal baila (Manolo is lazy and Pedro is just as bad)
  • Aunque no nos guste, tenemos que bailar al son que tocan (we may not like it, but we have to adapt)
  • Le estás bailando el agua a tu jefe (you are sucking up to your boss)
  • Luis sacó a bailar a esa chica (Luis asked that girl to dance) loves the word 'bailar' in the song by the Gipsy kingsVamos a bailar

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