Thursday, 9 June 2011


The word of the day is: 'arrancar' = to uproot.

The action word/ verb  'arrancar' describes the action of removing a tree or any other plant from the ground (to uproot). The verb  'arrancar' is also used describe other actions, such as: to extract (a confession), to tear out (paper/ page from a book), to tear off/ rip off/ to remove (a label/ sticky tape), to snatch (a bag/ a watch or any other fastened personal item), to pull out (hair/ teeth), to pull up (a plant), to pick (a flower), to start (motor/ car), to boot up (computer).

NB The verb  'arrancar' should NOT be used in 'rip off' expressions such as  rip off pricing/ rip off Britain/ etc..
The related noun 'arranque' also means a fit a burst, drive (see expressions and examples below).

The noun 'arranque' is used in the following common expressions:
  • Motor de arranque (starter motor-in automobil)
  • Burro de arranque (starter motor-in automobil/ Argentina)
  • Arranque de celos (a fit of jelousy)
  • Un arranque de ira (a fit of rage)
  • Un arranque de actividad (a burst of activity)
  • Un arranque de energía (a burst of energy)

Examples of usage of the verb 'arrancar' are:
  • Me arrancaron una muela (I had a tooth pulled out)
  • ¿Te arrancaron el bolso?  (did they snatch your handbag?)
  • Arranqué una hoja de ese cuaderno (I tore out a page from that notebook)
  • Hay que arrancar esa etiqueta (that label neeeds to be removed)
  • El ordenador no arranca (the computer is not booting up)
  • El coche arrancó como de costumbre (the car started up as usual) loves the word 'arranque' in the song by Mandato: Plebitas de arranque

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