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Today's word is: 'ala' = wing.
In Spanish, 'ala' is a feminine noun of Latin origin and means wing, when referring to a plane, a bird, a building, a political party faction, a field position in football/ other sports, troop arrangements in battle, air force units, etc. The Spanish noun 'ala' is also used to mean the brim of a hat.

When talking about food, 'ala' means the wing of a bird, typically chicken.

The noun 'ala' belongs to a group of Spanish nouns which, despite being of feminine gender, they they require a masculine article 'el' (i.e.: 'el ala'). This rule does not apply when there is another word in between the article and the noun 'ala' (for example 'la gran ala').

Spanish words related to 'ala' are:
  1. The noun 'aleta', which means a car wing/ quarter panel/ fender, a finn, a flipper, a flight in an arrow, a blade of a propeller
  2. The adjective 'alado'/ 'alada', which describes someone or something as being winged or having wings.

Some common expressions with the noun 'ala' are:
  • Ala delta (hang gliding-sport and hang glider-aparatus)
  • Ala de mosca (a colour: black with greenish brown shades)
  • Ahuecar el ala (colloquially, to leave)
  • Arrastrar el ala (colloquially, to make/ to get to fall in love)
  • Cobrar alas (to spread one's wings) 
  • Cortar las alas (to clip the wings)
  • Dar alas (to encourage/ to estimulate/ to give free rain)
  • Estar tocado del ala (to be a bit crazy/ 'worse for the wear'-male)
  • Estar tocada del ala (to be a bit crazy/ 'worse for the wear'-female)
  • Meterse bajo el ala (to seek or obtain protection)

Examples of the use of 'ala' are:
  • Las alas de pollo asado están muy ricas (the roast chicken wings are very tasty)
  • Al oir eso, Pedro ahuecó el ala (on hearing that,  Pedro left)
  • Tuvimos que cortarle las alas a Pili (we had to clip Pili's wings)
  • Eso sí que me dió alas (that really gave me encouragment)
  • Manolo está un poco tocado del ala (Manolo is a bit crazy)
  • Antonio se metió bajo el ala de su tío (Antonio got himself under his uncle protection) loves the word 'ala' in the YouTube clipDivididos Ala Delta
More on the word 'ala', visit: Ala

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