Sunday, 1 May 2011


La palabra de hoy es: 'poco' = little (for example, a small quantity of something not counted nor measured!). When used as an adjective in plural (i.e. when referring to a number of things which can be counted, but are not actually counted!), it means few. As an adjective the word takes the four possible forms of most adjectives: 'poco'/ 'poca'/ 'pocos'/ 'pocas'
  • En verano, llueve muy poco (In the summer, it rains very little)
  • Poco a poco (little by little)
  • Hay poca gente en este sitio (There are few people here)
  • Quería un poco de agua (Could I have a little bit of water)
  • En invierno hay pocos día festivos (There are few bank holidays in winter)
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