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Today's WOTD is: "correo" = mail/ post

1. In Spanish, “correo” is a masculine noun of Catalán/ French origin which means mail/ post, as as in:

  • The mail/ postal service
    • Me enviaron la documentación por correo (they sent me the papers by mail/ post);
  • Mail/ postal correspondence
    • Tu carta ha llegado en el correo de hoy (your letter has arrived in today's mail/ post);
  • The post office (building where post/ mail is handled).
    • Voy al correo* a recoger un paquete (I am going to the post office to collect a parcel);
*NB When used in this context, the plural for “correos” is often used instead, as in: Voy a correos a recoger un paquete (note the use without the article “los” in this case).

2. In Spanish, the word “correo” can often also be used as a describing word/ adjective (usually alongside a means of transport used to carry mail).
  • El robo al tren correo (The Mail Train Robbery);

3. A related Spanish word is “cartero” which means postman.
  • El cartero siempre llama dos veces (The Postman Always Rings Twice);

4. Some expressions with the word “correo” are:
  • Abrir el correo (to open the mail);
    • Siempre abrimos el correo cuando llega (we always open the mail when it arrives);
  • Almacenamiento de correo (mail storage -usually computers/ e-mail);
  • Apartado de correos* (PO Box);
    • Por favor, enviar respuestas a nuestro apartado de correos (please send replies to our the PO Box);
  • Buzón de correos (post/ mail box);
  • Cliente de correo (mail client -usually computers/ e-mail);
  • Correo aéreo (air mail);
    • Enviamos los documentos por correo aéreo (we sent the papers via airmail);
  • Correo basura (junk mail);
  • Correo de malas nuevas (a person who seems to derive pleasure from giving bad news);
  • Correo interno (internal mail);
  • Correo electrónico (e-mail);
  • Correo ordinario (normal mail);
  • Correo urgente (urgent mail);
  • Cuenta de correo (e-mail account);
  • Dirección de correo electrónico (e-mail address);
  • Enviar por correo (to send by mail/ to put in the post);
    • Los papeles os los enviamos por correo (we sent the papers to you by mail);
  • Lista de correos** (general delivery/ local collection mail/ post);
    • El paquete lo enviamos a lista de correos (we sent the parcel by general delivery);
  • Recibir por correo (to receive by mail/ get in the post);
  • Recoger el correo (to collect one's post/ mail);
  • Sello de correos (postage stamp);
*NB Also known as “apartado postal” or “casilla de correos”.
**NB A post/ mail service option whereby the addressee/consignee has to go to the post office to pick up the sent mail which is kept whilst awaiting collection. loves the word "correo" in the YouTube clip: CORREOS- Canción de cuna

For more on the word "correo", visit: Correo*

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “correo” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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