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Who Is Calling?

Imagine you have dialled the telephone number of a relative, a friend or a work colleague. After exchanging the customary greetings, you establish that the person who has answered the phone is not your relative, friend or work colleague. You ask to the put through to your relative, friend or work colleague  The person on the other end of the phone doesn't know you either. He/ she wants to be able to announce who you are and says to you something like: "who is calling?"

In Spanish, the other person would more likely say:
¿De parte de quién?

The question is an invitation for you to state your name/ who you are. Often, just giving your name should be sufficient. However, you could easily be more informative/ polite with very little additional effort.

Have a look at some examples of how you could reply (assuming your are Pedro Botero- a friend):
  • (De parte) de Pedro Botero (Pedro Botero)*;
  • Soy Pedro Botero (I am Pedro Botero);
  • (De parte) de su amigo Pedro Botero (his/ her friend Pedro Botero)*;
  • Soy su amigo Pedro Botero (I am his/ her friend Pedro Botero);
  • (De parte) de don Pedro Botero (Mr. Pedro Botero)*;
  • Soy don Pedro Botero (I am Mr. Pedro Botero);
  • (De parte) del señor Botero (Mr. Botero)*;
  • Soy el señor Botero (I am Mr.  Botero);

Have a look at some examples of how you could reply (assuming you are María Botero- a friend):
  • (De parte) de María Botero (Maria Botero)*;
  • Soy María Botero (I am Maria Botero);
  • (De parte) de su amiga María Botero (his/ her friend Maria Botero)*;
  • Soy su amiga María Botero (I am his/ her friend Maria Botero);
  • (De parte) de doña Maria Botero (Mrs. Maria Botero)*;
  • Soy doña María Botero (I am Mrs. Maria Botero);
  • (De parte) de la señora Botero (Mrs. Botero)*;
  • Soy la señora Botero (I am Mrs. Botero);

*NB Please note that “¿De parte de quién?” is not a direct translation of “who is calling”, but is a very commonly used Spanish expression when you want to ask, who is calling? These answers are typical replies to the question posed in Spanish.

Now you should practise answering the question:
¿De parte de quién?

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