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Today's WOTD is: "vacación" = holiday/ vacation

In Spanish, “vacación” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, which means holiday/ vacation. The plural form of the noun, “vacaciones” is in more common use.

Some commonly used expressions with the words “vacaciones”are:
  • Aviso de vacaciones (holiday notice);
  • Cerrado por vacaciones (closed for holidays/ closure due to holidays);
  • Cierre por vacaciones (closure due holidays/ closed for holidays);
  • Coger vacaciones (to take holiday leave);
  • Disfrutar de las vacaciones (to take/ enjoy holiday leave);
  • Estar de vacaciones (to be on holiday);
  • Irse de vacaciones (to go on holiday);
  • Marcharse de vacaciones (to go on holiday);
  • Sala de vacaciones (emergency court sitting*);
  • Salir de vacaciones (to go on holiday/ vacation);
  • Tener vacaciones (to have holidays);
  • Tomarse unas vacaciones (to take some holiday leave);
  • Vacaciones de invierno (winter holiday/ vacation break);
  • Vacaciones de Navidad (Christmas holiday/ vacation break);
  • Vacaciones de Pascua (Easter holiday/ vacation break);
  • Vacaciones de Semana Santa (Easter holiday/ vacation break);
  • Vacaciones de verano (summer holiday/ vacation break);
  • Vacaciones escolares (school holidays/ vacation);
  • Vacaciones pagadas (paid holiday/ vacation leave);
  • Vacaciones prorratadas (prorated holiday/ vacation leave);
  • Vacaciones teóricas (theoretical holiday/ vacation leave entitlement);
  • Vacaciones útiles (practical/ actual holiday/ vacation leave);
  • Viaje de vacaciones (holiday/ vacation travel);
  • Un mes de vacaciones (a holiday month/ vacation break);
  • Una semana de vacaciones (a holiday week/ vacation break);
  • Unas merecidas vacaciones (a well deserved holiday/ vacation break);
  • Unos días de vacaciones (a few days break/ holiday/ vacation);

*NB Court sessions convened to deal with matters deemed to be of an urgent nature, which arise during court holiday/ vacational leave periods.

Some examples of the use of the word "vacaciones" are:
  • En taquilla hay colgado un aviso de vacaciones (there is a holiday/ vacation notice on display at the box office);
  • Este despacho está cerado por vacaciones (this office is closed for holidays/ vacation);
  • Este es un aviso de cierre por vacaciones (this is a notice of closure due to holidays/ vacation);
  • Este verano no voy a poder coger vacaciones (this summer I am not going to be able take any holiday/ vacation leave);
  • Estamos disfrutando de las vacaciones (we are taking/ enjoying our holiday/ vacation leave);
  • Estamos de vacaciones en Mallorca (we are on holiday in Majorca);
  • Me voy de vacaciones a Mallorca (I am going on holiday/ vacation to Majorca);
  • Me marcho de vacaciones a Mallorca (I am going on holiday/ vacation to Majorca);
  • La sala de vacaciones de la Audiencia Nacional (the emergency sitting of the high court/ supreme court);
  • Vamos a salir de vacaciones (we are going to go on holiday/ vacation);
  • Este invierno no tengo vacaciones (this winter I don't have any holiday/ vacation leave);
  • Necesito tomerme unas vacaciones (I am needing to take a break/ holiday/ vacation);
  • Si pudiera, me tomaría unas vacaciones de invierno e iría a la nieve (if I could I would take a winter break and go skiing);
  • Las vacaciones de Navidad están a la vuelta de la esquina (the Christmas holiday/ vacation break is just round the corner);
  • Hemos pasado unas vacaciones de Pascua muy buenas (we had a very nice Easter holiday/ vacation break);
  • Hemos pasado unas vacaciones de Semana Santa muy buenas (we had a very nice Easter holiday/ vacation break);
  • Lo pasé fenomenal en las vacaciones de verano (I had a great time in my summer holidays/ vacation);
  • Los niños lo pasan muy bien en las vacaciones escolares (kids have a great time during school holidays/ vacation);
  • Tienes derecho a vacaciones pagadas, ¿no? (you are entitled to paid holiday/ vacation leave, aren't you?);
  • Tengo derecho a vacaciones proratadas (I am entitled to prorated holiday/ vacation leave);
  • Tengo derecho a treinta días de vacaciones teóricas (I am entitled to 30 days holiday/ vacation leave);
  • Tengo veinte días de vacaciones útiles (I have 20 actual/ real days holiday/ vacation leave);
  • Vamos a hacer un viaje de vacaciones (we are going on a holiday/ vacation trip);
  • En verano teníamos un mes de vacaciones (in the summer we used to have a month long holiday/ vacation break);
  • En Semana Santa tengo una semana de vacaciones (during Easter I have a holiday week/vacation break);
  • Voy a tomarme unas merecidas vacaciones (I am going to take a well deserved holiday/ vacation break);
  • En invierno a veces cogemos unos días de vacaciones (in the winter we sometimes take a few days break/ holiday/ vacation); loves the word "vacaciones" in the YouTube clip: Vacaciones - Dulce María [con letra / completa]

For more on the word "vacaciones", visit: Vacaciones*

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “vacaciones” in this link to hear the word pronounced.

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