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Today's WOTD is: 'pecho' = chest

In Spanish, the noun 'pecho' is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is chest. The noun 'pecho' is also used in Spanish with the meaning, breast and often used in its plural form, 'pechos', meaning breasts.

In Spanish, a word related to the noun 'pecho' is the describing word/ adjective 'despechado', which means indignant/ disgusted, harbouring ill feelings.

Some commonly used expressions containing the word 'pecho' are:
  • Abrir alguien su pecho a otra persona (to open one's heart).
  • Abrir alguien su pecho con otra persona (to open one's heart).
  • Abrir alguien su pecho a la esperanza (to open one's heart to hope).
  • Angina de pecho (angina - chest pain).
  • A lo hecho pecho (what is done is done).
  • A pecho descubierto (with disregard for own safety/ boldly).
  • Dar el do de pecho (hit the high C's/ pull out all the stops).
  • Dar el pecho a un bebé (to breastfeed - a baby).
  • Darse golpes de pecho (to beat one's breast).
  • Entre pecho y espalda (in the stomach).
  • Golpe de pecho (action of beating one's breast).
  • Golpe de pechos (action of beating one's breast).
  • Guardar rencor en el pecho (to harbour a grudge deep down).
  • Meterse algo entre pecho y espalda (to eat something - some food).
  • Niño de pecho (infant in breastfeeding age).
  • No caber alguien en el pecho (to display signs of feeling really proud).
  • Opresión de pecho (chest pain -feeling of breathlessness/ breathing difficulties).
  • Partirse el pecho por alguien o algo (to do anything for someone or something).
  • Sacar pecho (to stick one's chest out/ display pride).
  • Tomar el pecho un bebé (to breastfeed - a child).
  • Tomarse algo a pecho (to take something to heart).

Examples of the use of the word 'pecho' are:
  • Pedro abrió su pecho a Luisa (Pedro opened his heart to Luisa).
  • Pedro abrió su pecho con Luisa (Pedro opened his heart to Luisa) .
  • Pedro abrió su pecho a la esperanza (Pedro opened his heart to hope) .
  • Probablemente se trate de angina de pecho (it is probably a case of angina).
  • Como dice el refrán, a lo hecho pecho (as the saying goes, what is done is done).
  • Ir a pecho descubierto indica nobleza pero es arriesgado (going boldly is a sign of honesty but is risky).
  • Conseguimos que Pedro diera el do de pecho (we managed to get Pedro to pull out all the stops).
  • Aquella mujer daba el pecho a su bebé (that woman was breastfeeding her baby).
  • Hay gente que se da golpes de pecho de manera un poco hipócrita (some people beat their chest in a kind of hypocritical fashion).
  • Nos metimos unos bocadillos entre pecho y espalda (we ate some sandwiches).
  • Nunca guardes rencor en el pecho (never harbour a grudge deep down).
  • Ese niño es un niño de pecho (that child is still of breastfeeding age).
  • Pedro está que no cabe en el pecho (Pedro is extremely proud).
  • Siento opresión de pecho (I am feeling breathless with chest pain).
  • Tú sabes que soy capaz de partirme el pecho por ti (you know I would do anything for you).
  • Antonio sacó pecho al oir su nombre (on hearing his name, Antonio stuck his chest out).
  • Ese niño todavía toma el pecho (that child is still of breastfeeding age).
  • ¡No te lo tomes a pecho! (don't take it to heart!). loves the word 'pecho' in the YouTube clip: Barricada - A Pecho Descubierto

For more on the word 'pecho', visit: Pecho

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