Thursday, 8 December 2011

Where Has That Flight Come From?

Imagine you are at an airport* with a relative, a friend or a business associate/ colleague. Maybe you are there on your own and you are stopped by a complete stranger. You are watching a flight arrival. The other person wants to find out where those passangers have come from. He/ she thinks that you know and decides to ask you: "where has that flight come from"?

So, the other person could say:
¿De dónde viene ese vuelo?

*NB Please note that very similar scenarios could be applicable in a railway station/ bus station/ bus stop/ ferry terminal/ etc. In each one of those cases, the question could be:
  • ¿De dónde viene ese tren? (railway station).
  • ¿De dónde viene ese autobús? (bus station/ bus stop).
  • ¿De dónde viene ese ferry? (ferry terminal)

Your answer depends only on what you want to say about the origin of that flight. It should be noted that the reply applicable to a flight would also be valid when applying to a train/ bus/ ferry boat/ etc.(*)

The reply should be quite straight forward. Maybe you would like to choose a reply which says that:
    • You don't know where that flight is coming from.
    • That flight is coming from a specific city.

Here are a couple of examples which deal with those basic possibilities:
  • Lo siento, no sé de donde viene ese vuelo (I am sorry, I don't know where that flight has come from).
  • Ese vuelo viene de Nueva York (That flight has come from New York).
(*) NB In the railway station/ bus station/ ferry terminal/ scenarios, the above answers would still be OK. It would just be a matter of replacing the word 'vuelo' with 'tren'/ 'autobús'/ 'ferry' respectively.
Now you should practice answering the question:
¿De dónde viene ese vuelo?

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