Sunday, 11 December 2011

Is There A Bank Around Here?


This post is about giving information about facilities in the vicinity, and more specifically about using "hay" to say whether there is or there isn'tbank nearby.


Imagine you are talking to a relative, a friend or a work colleague. The other person is looking for a bank. He/ she doesn't know the locality, but believes that you do and says to you something like: "is there a bank around here?"

In Spanish, the other person could say:
¿Hay un banco por aquí?


The question is an invitation for you to say whether or not there are any banks  in the vicinity. A yes/no answer may be strictly sufficient. However, with little effort, your answer could be a lot more informative

Perhaps you want to choose an answer which says that:
  • No, there aren't any banks in the vicinity.
  • Yes there is a bank nearby.
  • There are several banks in the vicinity.

Here are some examples which deal with those basic possibilities:
  • No, por aquí no hay* bancos (no, there aren't any banks around here).
  • Sí, hay* un banco muy cerca (yes, there is a bank very near).
  • Sí, hay* varios bancos por aquí (yes there are several banks around here).

Now you should practice answering the question:
¿Hay un banco por aquí?

*Please see grammar below

Please note the various meanings/ uses of 'hay':

there is
there are
no hay
there isn't
there aren't

is there?
are there?
¿no hay?
isn't there?
aren't there?

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