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Today's WOTD is: 'boca' = mouth

In Spanish, the noun 'boca' is a feminine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is mouth. The Spanish noun 'boca' may also be used to refer to all sorts of entry or exit openings/ holes. Typical examples of this could be:
  • The mouth of a port ('boca de puerto').
  • The entrance/ exit to an underground station ('boca de metro').
  • The mouth of a gun ('boca de cañón').

In addition the noun 'boca' may also be used to refer to the taste/ palate of wine or the sharp end/ cutting edge of some tools, such as chisel.

A related action word/ verb is 'embocar' which is more commonly used when referring to the action of entering a narrow place or puting the ball in the hole in golf.

A related describing word/ adjective is 'bucal', which is commonly used to describe something as related to the mouth (buccal or oral).

Some other commonly used expressions containing the word 'boca' in them are:
  • A boca (verbally).
  • A boca de cañon (at point-blank range).
  • A boca de costal (without restriction).
  • A boca de invierno (at the beginning of winter).
  • A boca de jarro/ A bocajarro (at point-blank range)
  • A boca de noche (at nightfall).
  • A boca llena (to talk clearly/ frankly).
  • Abrir boca (to whet the appetite).
  • Andar de boca en boca (to be on everybody's lips/ common knowledge).
  • Andar en boca de todos (to be on everybody's lips).
  • A pedir de boca (just fine).
  • Arreglarse la boca (to have one's teeth seen to).
  • Boca abajo (face down).
  • Boca a boca (mouth to mouth).
  • Boca arriba (face up).
  • Boca con boca (very close together).
  • Boca del estómago (pit of the stomach).
  • Boca por boca (mouth to mouth).
  • Callar la boca (to shut up/ to be quiet).
  • Cerrar la boca (to shut up/ to be quiet).
  • Cerrarle la boca a alguien (to keep somebody quiet).
  • Con la boca abierta (to be dumbfounded/ gobsmacked).
  • Coserse la boca (to shut up/ to be quiet).
  • Boca de escorpión (foul mouth/ cursing person).
  • Boca de gachas (person who speaks very soft-unintelligibly/ spits when talking).
  • Boca de incendios (hydrant/ fireplug).
  • Boca de lobo (a dark place).
  • Boca de oro (someone who has the gift of the gab).
  • Boca de verdulero (coarse/ foul mouth person).
  • Boca floja (indiscrete person).
  • Boca rasgada (mouth too large/ out of proportion with other face features).
  • Como boca de lobo (pitch dark).
  • De boca (boasting about something which is not true).
  • De boca de alguien (from that person/ from the horse's mouth).
  • De boca en boca (on everybody's lips)
  • Decir algo con la boca chica (to say something insincerely/ without meaning it).
  • Decir algo con la boca pequeña (to say something insincerely/ without meaning it)
  • Decir lo primero que a alguien le viene a la boca (to say something without thinking).
  • Despegar la boca (to speak).
  • El que tiene boca se equivoca (*) (erring is human).
  • En boca cerrada no entran moscas (*) (keep your mouth shut if don't want to put your foot in it)
  • ¡Esa boca!... (*)(language!...).
  • Estar con la boca a la pared (to be in extreme need and having nobody to help).
  • Hablar por boca de ganso (to repeat other people's opinions parrot fashion).
  • Llenársele a alguien la boca de algo (to boast about something).
  • Hacersele la boca agua a alguien (to make one's mouth water).
  • Meter algo en la boca (to put something in one's mouth).
  • Meterese en la boca del lobo (to take one's life in one's hands).
  • No decir esta boca es mía (to remain silent/ not to say a word).
  • Olerle la boca a alguien (to to smell somebody's breath).
  • Partirle la boca a alguien (to smash somebody's face).
  • Quitarle de la boca algo a alguien (to take the words right out of somebody's mouth).
  • Quitarse de la boca algo (to go without something).
  • Por boca de alguien (using that person as a spokesperson).
  • Por la boca muere el pez (*) (don't be indiscreet/ talking too much could be dangerous).
  • Taparle la boca a alguien (to keep somebody quiet)
(*)NB Set phrase/ idiom

Examples of the use of the word 'boca' are:
  • Tengo que ir a arreglarme la boca (I need to have my teeth seen to).
  • Ponme un poco de queso para abrir boca (I will have some cheese as an aperitif).
  • Ayer fuimos de compras y nos salió todo a pedir de boca (yesterday, we went shopping and everything went just fine).
  • El nombre de esa actriz anda en boca de todos (that actress' name is on everybody's lips).
  • Desde que Pedro se fue, su nombre anda de boca en boca (Since Pedro left, his name is on everybody's lips).
  • María habla de volver a casarse, pero lo dice con la boca chica (María talks about getting married again, but she doesn't really mean it).
  • ¡Cállate la boca!, me dijo Antonio (shut up! Antonio said to me).
  • Pedro acostumbra a decir lo primero que le viene a la boca (Pedro is in the habit of speaking without thinking).
  • ¡Esa boca! dijo María al escuchar lo que le dije (language! said María when she heard what I said).
  • Al ver todos aquellos pasteles se me hizo la boca agua (all those cakes made my mouth water).
  • A María se le llena la boca con su apellido (María is always boasting about her surname).
  • ¡Qué mal te huele la boca! (your breath smells really bad!).
  • Entraste, te sentaste y no dijiste ni esta boca es mía (you came in, sat down and didn't say a word).
  • Cuidado que te van a partir la boca (be careful or you will get your face smashed in).
  • Eso mismo iba a decir yo, me lo quitaste de la boca (that is what I was going to say, you took the words right out of my mouth).
  • Pedro se lo quita todo de la boca para que su hijo vaya a la universidad (Pedro goes without lots of things to help his son through university).
  • El gobierno hizo declaraciones por boca del portavoz del gabinete (the government made made the announcment through the cabinet spokesman).
  • ¡Quítate eso de la boca! (get that out of your mouth!).
  • Me quedé con la boca abierta (my jaw dropped). loves the word 'boca' in the follwing YouTube clip: Chayanne - Tu Boca
For more on the word 'boca', visit: Boca
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