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The WOTD is: 'vista' = sight/ eyesight

In Spanish, the noun 'vista' is a feminine noun of Latin origin, the meaning of which is sight/ eyesight (the sense which allows seeing things).

In Spanish the noun 'vista' may also be used to refer to insight, shrewdness or vision. The noun 'vista' may also even be used to mean the eyes. Other common meanings of the noun 'vista' are:
  • An apparition
  • A meeting
  • A view or scene
  • A window or similar opening in a building.

A related Spanish action word/ verb is 'ver', the meaning of which is: to see.

A related Spanish describing word/ adjective is: 'visible', the meaning of which is: visible

Some expressions containing the words 'vista', in them are:
  • A la vista (on sight/ on display).
  • Bajar la vista (to look down)
  • Conocer (a alguien) de vista (to know someone, but not very well).
  • Echar una vista (to look after something).
  • En vista de (in view of).
  • Fijar la vista (to focus)
  • Hacer daño a la vista (to hurt the eyes).
  • Hacer la vista gorda (to pretend not to see something/ to look the other way).
  • ¡Hasta la vista! (see you later!/ til we meet again!). 
  • Levantar la vista (to look up).
  • Operar de la vista (to perform an eye operation/ surgical procedure)
  • Perder de vista (to loose sight of someone/ something).
  • Perder la vista (to become blind).
  • Saltar a la vista (to become obvious/ difficult to ignore).
  • Ser corto de vista (to be short sighted)
  • Tener buena vista (to have good eyesight).
  • Torcer la vista (a alguien) (to look avoiding eye contact).
  • Vista cansada (eyestrain).
  • Volver la vista atrás (to take a look at the past/ to remember/ reminisce).

Examples of the use of the words 'vista', are:
  • ¡Tierra a la vista! (land ahoy!).
  • A Pedro solo lo conozco de vista (I know Pedro, but not very well).
  • Creo que Pedro está haciendo la vista gorda (I think Pedro does not want to know/ is looking the other way).
  • Salta a la vista que no lo has hecho (it is obvious that you have not done it).
  • No pierdas de vista la mochila (keep an eye on your rucksack). loves the word 'vista' in the YouTube clip: T2 Hasta La Vista, Baby
For more on the word 'vista', visit: Vista
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