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The WOTD is: 'jugo' = juice

In Spanish, the word 'jugo' is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the meaning of which is juice (the liquid or moisture part of things like fruit and plants or animal tissue). More generally, the Spanish noun 'jugo' means the goodness or useful part of something.

A related word: zumo
When referring to the English word juice in Spanish, we often use another noun. That noun is the word of Arabic origin, 'zumo'.  Please note however, that the noun 'zumo' should be used only when referring to the moisture or liquid which can be extracted from fruit and plants by squeezing or crushing them.

Another related word: jugoso/ jugosa
The meaning of the English describing word/ adjective juicy may be translated into Spanish as 'jugoso'/ 'jugosa'. The Spanish describing word/ adjective 'jugoso'/ 'jugosa' may be used when describing:
  • Food as juicy, succulent or of nutritional value.
  • Other things (figuratively) as meaty, substantial or valuable.

Some expressions containing the words 'jugo', 'zumo' in them are:
  • Jugo de naranja (orange juice).
  • Jugo de tomate (tomato juice).
  • Jugo gástrico (gastric juices).
  • El jugo de la carne (meet juices).
  • Sacar el jugo (to make the most of something).
  • Tener jugo (to be meaty-figuratively).
  • Zumo de cepas (wine-colloquially).
  • Zumo de limón (lemon juice).
  • Zumo de naranja (orange juice).
  • Zumo de parras (wine-colloquially).
  • Zumo de tomate (tomato juice).

 Examples of the use of the words 'jugo', 'zumo' or 'jugoso/ a' are:
  • El jugo de naranja tiene muchas vitaminas (orange juice contains lots of vitamins).
  • Este ensayo tiene mucho jugo (this is a very meaty/ substantial essay).
  • Pedro le sacó todo el jugo a su negocio (Pedro got his money's worth/ squeezed the last penny from his business).
  • El zumo de tomate frío está muy rico (cold tomato juice is very tasty).
  • Esta carne está muy jugosa (this meat is very juicy/ succulent).
  • Ese negocio te deja unos ingresos jugosos (that business leaves you a substantial income). loves the word 'jugo' in the YouTube clip: Tortilla jugosa de bacalao
For more on the word 'jugo', visit: Jugo
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