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The WOTD is: 'higo' = fig

In Spanish, the word 'higo' is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the meaning of which is fig (the fruit of the fig tree - 'higuera' in Spanish). The noun 'higo' may also be used in Spanish to refer to something insignificant or of very little value.

NB The word 'higo' should not be used to translate into Spanish the English expression "fig leaf", which may be translated instead as: "hoja de parra" (literally a vine/ grapevine leaf).

Some expressions containing the noun 'higo' in them are:
  • De higos a brevas (very rarely/ once in a blue moon).
  • Estar hecho un higo (to be all crumpled).
  • Higo chumbo (prickly pear).
  • Me importa un higo (I don't care/ couldn't give a fig).
  • No valer un higo (to be worth nothing).
  • Pan de higo (fig bread/ cake).

Examples of the use of the word 'higo' are:
  • Estos higos no están maduros todavía (these figs are not ripe/ ready to eat yet).
  • Eso no vale un higo (that is not worth anything).
  • Ahora solo viajo en avión de higos a brevas (now I rarely travel by plane)
  • Te importa un higo lo que hagamos (you don't care about what we do)

Love-Spanish.com loves the word 'higo' in the YouTube clip: Rosendo-Pan de higo
For more on the word 'higo', visit: Wordreference.com/es/en/ Higo
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