Monday, 23 May 2011


The word of the day is: 'límite'= limit.

In Spanish, the noun 'el límite' is used to indicate some boundary.

A related verb is: 'limitar' and is used to indicate the action of setting limits or restrictions

A related adjective is: 'limitado' and is used to describe someting as having limits or boundaries

A related adverbial expression is: 'sin límites' and is used to describe qualities or actions as being limitless, or having no boundaries.

Examples of usage are:
  • Todo tiene un límite (there is a limit to everything)
  • Limítate a responder (limit yourself to answer questions)
  • La velocidad está limitada a 100 kilómetros por hora (there is a 100kph speed limit)
  • Gastando dinero sin límites (limitless money spending) loves the word 'límite' in the song 'El Límite' by the group La Frontera:

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