Wednesday, 25 May 2011


The word of the day is: 'florida', an adjective which means  flowery and relates to the Spanish noun 'la flor' which means flower.

Related verbs are: 'florecer' (to flourish/ to blossom/ to flower/ to bloom) and aflorar' (to rise to the surface/ to surface)

Examples of usage are:
  • El estado de La Florida tiene clima tropical (Florida has a tropical climate)
  • Flor de azahar (orange blossom)
  • Los árboles florecen en primavera (trees blossom  in the spring)
  • El agua aflora por todas partes  (water rises to the surface everywhere) loves the word 'flor' in the song “Un Beso Y Una Flor” by José Luis Armenteros y Pablo Herrero, sung here by Nino Bravo:

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