Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Donde/ Adonde

The word of the day is: 'donde'= where.

In Spanish, 'donde' is used to indicate the place/ point in space of some action or activity... it is also used to ask about the place/ point in space of some action or activity. A related adverb is 'adonde': where (to).
In Spanish, when 'donde' or 'adonde' are used to mean an indeterminate place (when they mean something like 'wherever') and are followed by a verb, the subjunctive should be used. When used in questions, we should place an accent over the 'o', i.e.: 'dónde' or 'adónde' (see examples below).
Examples of usage are:
  • Aquí es donde quiero verte (it is here that I want to see you)
  • Vengas de dónde vengas (wherever you are coming from)
  • Duerme donde quieras (you can sleep anywhere/ wherever you want)
  • Quédate donde sea (you may stay anywhere)
  • ¿Adónde vamos? (where are we going?)
  • ¿Desde dónde quieres ver el desfile? (where do you want to watch the parade from?)
  • ¿Por dónde has entrado?  (how did you get in)
Love-Spanish.com loves the word 'donde' in the song 'Donde estés' sung by Chenoa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUMmP0TzLF8

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