Thursday, 19 May 2011


La palabra de hoy es: 'aviso' - del verbo 'avisar' = to give notice/ to warn.

In Spanish, the noun 'aviso' is used to indicate the giving of information, advise, warning.  The noun 'aviso' is also used to indicate the request for care, attention, prudence or discretion. Postings on a public notice board will often carry the heading: 'AVISO'. In Latin America,  'aviso' is often used to mean a publicity advert.

  •  Cuando llegues me avisas (when you arrive, let me know/ give me a call)
  • Se avisa a los señores pasajeros... (this is a call for passangers...)
  • Estoy sobre aviso (I have been warned)
  • Aviso al público  (public notice)
  •  Sin previo aviso (without prior warning/ notice)
  • Último aviso para los señores pasajeros... (last call for passangers... )
  • Hasta nuevo aviso (until further notice)

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