Friday, 27 May 2011

Aquí/ Acá

Today we look at two words: 'aquí' and 'acá'= here.

In Spanish, the adverbs 'aquí' and 'acá' can often be interchanded and both
 indicate something about the current location (in space) of the person speaking... in some expressions, they indicates a current point in time, for example 'de aquí/ acá en adelante' (from now onwards)... and in many expressions with related specific meanings (see examples below).

Examples of usage are:
  • Soy de aquí/ acá (I am from here)
  • Aquí/ acá estamos (we are here/ here we are)
  • Pase por aquí/ acá, por favor (please come this way)
  • Hasta aquí/ acá hemos llegado (we have come this far)
  • Aquí/ acá mismo (right here) loves the word 'aquí' in the song 'Estoy Aquí' by Jesus Adrián Romero:

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