Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Tuesday 22nd Of December 2015


Imagine that today, a relative, a friend or a work colleague asks you: "what is today's date?"

In Spanish, the other person could say:
¿Qué día es hoy?

Hoy es:

The question is an invitation for you to say today's date.

A quick look at your diary confirms that today is: Tuesday the 22nd of December 2015. You could give today's date in Spanish by saying:

Hoy es martes veintidós de diciembre de dos mil quince

  1. Today is = Hoy es
  2. Tuesday= martes
  3. The 22nd= veintidós
  4. Of December= de diciembre
  5. 2015 = de dos mil quince
  6. In Spanish, we just say "22", instead of "the 22nd"
  7. In Spanish we literally say: "of 2015"
  8. In Spanish we don't capitalise day of the week names, for example: viernes
  9. In Spanish we don't capitalise month names, for example: noviembre
  10. This morning the "Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad/ Lotería de Navidad" -Christmas special national lottery draw takes place in Madrid, Spain. This is a very long standing lottery -more than 200 years old. Considered perhaps the biggest lottery in the world,  it gives out millions of prices worth billions of Euros each year. The first price alone, known as "El Gordo" (the fat one/ the big one) is worth upwards of €600 million. So if you are playing this lottery, we wish you luck. 

¡Que la suerte te acompañe!

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