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Today's word is: Litro
Clase: sustantivo (noun)
Género: masculino (masculine)
Origen: francés (French)

In Spanish, “litro” is a masculine noun of French origin which means litre or liter and is used as in:
  • Un litro de leche (a litre of milk)

A related word is the feminine noun “litrona” which means a large bottle of beer**.

Spanish expressions with the word “litro” are:
  • Litros a los 100 kilómetros* (litres/ liters per 100 kilometres/ kilometers)
    • Ese coche consume 8 litros a los 100 km (that car consumes 8 litres/ liters per 100 km)
  • Precio por litro (price per litre/ liter)


*It refers to the amount of fuel a vehicle requires to travel 100km. Alternative ways of expressing this unit of vehicle consumption are: “litros por 100 km” or simply “l/100km”.
** This is a colloquial term which usually means a litre bottle. However, it could also mean a larger bottle, for example, a bottle containing 1.5 litres.

Practice listening to and using the word "litro" with the YouTube clip:

Rock Español | Ramoncin: Litros de Alcohol

For more on the word "litro", visit: Litro

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word litro”in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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