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Today's word is: "verdura" = vegetables
In Spanish, “verdura” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, which means vegetables*, and is used as in:
  • Las verduras son muy saludables (vegetables are very healthy);

The noun “verdura” may also mean obscenity

A related word is “verdulero” or “verdulera” a noun used to refer to greengrocer or grocer (male and female respectively) and used as in:
  • Esa verdulera tiene unas judías muy ricas (that greengrocer/ grocer has very nice green beans);

Also related is “verdulería” a noun used to refer to a greengrocer's, a produce shop or a fruit shop -a shop or market stall selling fruit and veg and used as in:
  • La verdulería está a la vuelta de la esquina (the greengrocer's is just around the corner)

The feminine noun “verdulera” is also often used colloquially to refer to a coarse, rude, vulgar or loud mouth woman and is used as in:
  • ¿No se va a callar es verdulera? (is that course/ vulgar/ loud mouth woman not going to be quiet?)

A Spanish expression with the word “verdura” is:
  • Verdura de estación (seasonal veg);


The meaning of the Spanish word “verdura” stems from the association of “verdura” with the colour “verde” -green. It should be noted that the Spanish “vegetal” can mean both vegetal and vegetable in English. However, the Spanish word “vegetal” is not normally used to refer to vegetables, but vegetal. Instead, it is the Spanish word “verdura” which is normally used to refer to “veg” or “greens”.

El significado principal de la palabra “verdura” le viene dado por su asociación con el color verde. En español, “vegetal” puede tener dos significados en inglés: uno es “vegetable” y el otro es “vegetal”. Ahora bien, en español, “vegetal” no suele usarse en el sentido del inglés “vegetable”, sino como el inglés “vegetal”. La palabra “verdura” es la que solemos usar en español para referirnos a lo que en inglés son “veg” o “greens”. loves the word "verdura" in the YouTube clip: ELCORRIDO DE LAS VERDURAS 6

For more on the word "verdura", visit: Verdura

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