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What Is Your Jacket Like?

Imagine you are talking to a relative, a friend or a work colleague. You are talking about clothing/ shoes. Maybe the other person can't see you and wants to know what kind of jacket you are wearing. He/ she wants you to describe it and decides to ask you "what is your jacket like?". 

The other person could choose to be a bit less formal and say:

¿Cómo es tu chaqueta?*

Alternatively, he/ she could choose to be a little bit more formal and say:
¿Cómo es su chaqueta?*

*NB These questions could be adapted to request a description of other items of clothing/ footwear. In order to adapt them, you could just replace 'chaqueta' with another item of clothing, for example: 'camisa' (shirt), 'camiseta' (T-shirt/ undershirt), 'bufanda' (scarf), etc. However, please remember that the replacement word must be a singular word (plural words, such as 'pantalones' (trousers) are not allowed here). 


The first thing to note is that you DO NOT need to be concerned about the level of formality in the other person's question. The other person is inviting you to describe your jacket. Your main concern should be about finding words which describe your jacket appropriately. Perhaps you want to describe it in the following terms:
  • The colour of your jacket .
  • The jacket material (leather/ wool/ etc.).
  • Your jacket size.
  • Give a description of your jacket.

Here are some examples of what you could say about your jacket:
  • Mi chaqueta es azul  (my jacket is blue).
  • Llevo una chaqueta marrón (I am wearing a brown jacket).
  • Llevo una chaqueta a cuadros (I am wearing a checked jacket).
  • No llevo chaqueta, llevo sudadera(*) (I am not wearing a jacket, I am wearing a sweatshirt).
  • Mi chaqueta es de pura lana virgen (my jacket is made of pure new wool).
  • Llevo una chaqueta de piel (I am wearing a leather jacket).
  • El forro de mi chaqueta es de viscosa (my jacket has a viscose lining).
  • La talla de mi chaqueta es la cuarenta (my jacket is size 40*).
  • Uso una talla cuarenta (I take a size 40*).
  • Mi chaqueta es muy bonita (my jacket is very nice).
  • Mi chaqueta es muy cómoda (my jacket very comfortable).
  • Mi chaqueta es impermeable (my jacket is waterproof).
  • Mi chaqueta está muy de moda (my jacket is very fashionable).
  • Mi chaqueta me queda muy bien (my jacket fits me fine/ it looks really good on me).
(*)NB Please note that you could indicate other types of footwear simply by replacing the word 'sudadera' with other words, for example:
  • Cagoule/ slicker: 'chubasquero'
  • Cardigan: 'chaqueta de punto'
  • Coat: 'abrigo'/ 'chaquetón'
  • Overcoat: 'abrigo'
  • Raincoat: 'impermeable'/ 'gabardina'/ 'chubasquero'
  • Slicker/ Cagoule: 'chubasquero'
*NB In order to indicate a different size, simply replace "40" with your choice of size. Please note that size 40 (Europe) is equivalent to:
  • Standard size Medium (M)
  • US size 10

Now you should practice answering the question:
¿Cómo es tu chaqueta?

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