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La palabra de hoy es: 'rape' - to listen to pronunciation 'click' on link under the icon ->

The Spanish noun 'rape' has two different groups of meanings, namely:
  1. 'rape' is a masculine noun related to the verb of Gothic origin 'rapar', which means: to shave someones beard... to crop someone's hair... or colloquially, to steal something using violence.
  2. 'rape' is also a masculine noun of Catalan origin and is the name given in Spanish to monkfish/ goosefish, both as fish species and food. Besides 'rape', monkfish/ goosefish is also known in Spanish as: 'sapo marino' and 'pejesapo'.
The Spanish adjective 'rapado'/ 'rapada' describes someones hair as being cropped/ cut very short.

Please be aware that a similarly spelled Spanish noun is 'rapé' (please note the accent over the last vowel). This is the name by which snuff is known in Spanish.

Some common Spanish expressions with the noun 'rape' or related words are:
  • Pelo cortado al rape (hair cropped/ cut very short)
  • Pelo rapado (cropped hair/ cut very short)
  • Cabeza rapada (skinhead)
  • Coco rapado (colloquially, hair cropped very short... even head shaven)

Examples of the use of the noun 'rape' are:
  • A Manolo le dieron un buen rape (Manolo has had his hair cut really short)
  • Pedro lleva el coco rapado (Pedro's hair is very short... even head is shaven)
  • Antonio es un 'cabeza rapada' (Antonio is a skinhead)
  • El rape a la parrilla está muy rico (grilled monkfish/ goosefish is very tasty) loves the word 'rape' in the YouTube clip showing how to prepareRape con almejas
For more on the word 'rape', visit: Rape
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