Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shall We Meet At Six?


Imagine you are in the process of making arrangements to meet with a relative, a friend, colleague or a business associate. You might have already agreed on place and need to agree on a time. The person wants to suggest meeting at six. He/ she could say to you:
¿Nos vemos a las seis?


The question is a straight forward one. Your answer depends only on what you want to say about meeting at six. Maybe you want to chose between saying that you:
  • Agree to meet at six
  • Think that six is too early, better to meet later
  • Think that six is too late, better to meet earlier

Here are some examples which deal with those basic possibilities:
  • Vale, nos vemos a las seis (OK, we mmet at six)
  • Creo que a las seis es demasiado temprano, sería mejor más tarde (I think six o'clock is too early, later would be better)
  • Creo que a las seis es demasiado tarde, sería mejor más temprano (I think six o'clock is too late, earlier would be better)

Now you should practice answering the question:
¿Nos vemos a las seis?

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