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Today's word is: Esquina
Clase: sustantivo (noun)
Género: femenino (feminine)
Origen: gótico (Gothic language)

In Spanish, “esquina* is a feminine noun originating from Gothic language and meaning corner, as in:
  • El bar de la esquina (the bar on the corner)

Some Spanish expressions with the word “esquina” are:
  • A la vuelta de la esquina** (around corner)
    • El banco está a la vuelta de la esquina (the bank is around the corner)
  • Doblar la esquina (to make a left/ right turn)
  • Esquina inferior derecha (bottom/ lower right hand corner)
  • Esquina superior derecha (top/ upper right hand corner)
  • Esquina inferior izquierda (bottom/ lower left hand corner)
  • Esquina superior izquierda (top/ upper left hand corner)
  • Hacer esquina (to be in the corner)
    • El edificio que hace esquina (the building in the corner)
  • La tienda de la esquina (the shop on the corner)
  • Las cuatro esquinas (the four corners -game played by children)
  • Mozo de esquina (corner lad/ corner boy)
  • Saque de esquina (corner kick -football/ soccer)

*Please note that, whilst the literal meaning of "esquina" is corner, in Spanish, we often use the word “rincón” to refer to a nook or the 'inner' side of a corner.

**In a similar fashion to English, the expression could also mean very near/ close, as in:
  • Las Navidades están a la vuelta de la esquina (Christmas festivities are just around the corner) loves the word "esquina" in the YouTube clip: Pereza - El bar de la esquina

For more on the word "esquina", visit: Esquina

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word esquina”in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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