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Today's word is: Maleta
Clase: sustantivo (noun)
Género: femenino (feminine)
Origen: francés (French)

In Spanish, “maleta” is a feminine noun of French origin which means suitcase and is used as in:
  • Mi maleta es la más pequeña de las dos (my suitcase is the smaller of the two)

The masculine noun “maletero” is a related word which means porter or boot/ trunk, and is used as in:
  • Lo metimos todo en el maletero del coche (we put everything in the car boot/ trunk*)

The word “maleta” is often used colloquially to refer to someone as 'useless', 'a waste of space' or even a 'lazy good-for-nothing', as in:
  • Tu vecino es un maleta (your neighbour is a lazy good-for-nothing)

Some Spanish expressions with the word “maleta” are:
  • Facturar la maleta (to check in the suitcase)
  • Hacer la maleta (to pack)
  • Hacer las maletas (to pack)
    • Estamos haciendo las maletas (we are packing)


*In some parts of the Spanish speaking world the boot/ trunk of a car is known as a “baúl

Love-Spanish.com loves the word "maleta" in the YouTube clip: Luis Fonsi - Corazón En La Maleta

For more on the word "maleta", visit: Wordreference.com/es/en/ Maleta

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word maleta”in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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