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Today's word is: "avión" = aeroplane

In Spanish, “avión” is a masculine noun of French origin meaning aeroplane, airplane or aircraft and used as in:
  • Los pasajeros se bajaron del avión a toda prisa (passengers got off the aircraft in a hurry);

Some Spanish expressions with the word “avión” are:
  • Avión civil (civilian aircraft)
  • Avión de caza (fighter plane);
  • Avión de papel (paper plane)
  • Bajarse del avión (to get off the plane)
  • Bodega del avión (aircraft cargo hold/ bay/ compartment)
  • Cabina del avión* (aircraft cabin)
  • Coger** el avión (to catch a plane)
  • Ir en avión (to go/ travel by plane)
  • Subirse al avión (to get on the plane)
  • Tomar el avión (to catch a plane)
  • Viajar en avión (travel by plane)

*The noun “cabina” is sometimes used in aviation to refer to the cockpit, which is perhaps better known as “cabina de vuelo” or “cabina de pilotaje”.

**Remember that “coger” is a verb which in some parts, especially in the Americas, has a sexual connotation and may be liable to misinterpretation. loves the word "avión" in the YouTube clip: Video"Nos Vamos en Avion"/ El Trotamundos

For more on the word "avión", visit: Avión

NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word avión”in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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