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Today's WOTD is: "campo" = field

1. In Spanish, “campo” is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is field, as in:
  • Las patatas están todavía en el campo (the potatoes are still in the field);
  • En el campo de la medicina (in the field of medicine);

2. The noun “campo” is also used often to refer to a pitch, a course or similar, as in:
  • Al lado de casa hay un campo de fútbol (next to our house there is a football pitch);
  • Cerca de casa hay un campo de golf (there is a golf course close to our home);

3. The noun “campo” may also be used to refer to a camp, as in:
  • Grupos rebeldes atacaron el campo de refugiados (rebel groups attacked the refugee camp);

4. The noun “campo” is also often used to refer to the countryside, as in:
  • Vamos a pasar las vacaciones al campo (we are going on holiday/ vacation to the countryside);

5. Related words are the describing words/ adjectives “campesino”, and “campestre” which may be used with meanings such as, country, rural or rustic as in:
  • Gente de origen campesino (people of rural/ country origin);
  • Celebramos mi cumpleaños con un almuerzo campestre (we celebrated my birthday with a rustic lunch/ picnic);

6. Some expressions in Spanish with the word “campo” are:
  • A campo abierto (in open field -without fences);
  • A campo través (cross country);
  • A campo traviesa (cross country);
  • A campo travieso (cross country);
  • A campo raso (out in the open);
  • Campo a través (cross country);
  • Campo a traviesa (cross country);
  • Campo de aplicación (field of application);
  • Campo de batalla (battlefield);
  • Campo de fútbol (football pitch/ stadium);
  • Campo de golf (golf course);
  • Campo de concentración (concentration camp);
  • Campo de refugiados (refugee camp);
  • Campo de prueba (testing ground);
  • Campo de tiro (shooting range);
  • Campo del honor (field of honour);
  • Campo eléctrico (electric field);
  • Campo magnético (magnetic field);
  • Campo santo (cemetery);
  • Campo visual (field of vision);
  • Campos Elíseos (Elysian fields -Champs -Élysées);
  • Casa de campo (country/ summer/ vacation house);
  • Casa en el campo (country/ summer/ vacation house);
  • De campo (field/ country/ countryside -adjective);
    • El trabajo de campo es muy importante (field work is very important);
    • Da gusto trabajar con gente de campo (it is a pleasure to work with country/ countryside people);
  • Día de campo (day in the country);
  • Estudio de campo (field study);
  • Gemelos de campo (field binoculars);
  • Hombre de campo (country person -man);
  • Investigación de campo (field research);
  • Investigador de campo (field researcher);
  • Mariscal de campo (field marshal);
  • Medio campo (midfield -football and similar games);
  • Mujer de campo (country person -woman);
  • Trabajo de campo (field work);
  • Visita de campo (field visit); loves the word "campo" in the YouTube clip: Campo :1987 (feat. Jorge Drexler)

For more on the word "campo", visit: Campo

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “campo” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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