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Today's WOTD is: "sombrero" = hat

In Spanish, “sombrero” is a masculine noun of Latin origin, which means hat.

The noun “sombrero” relates to the Spanish noun “sombra” which means shadow/ shade/ shading. These nouns are in turn related to the action word/ verb “sombrar” which means to protect from direct exposure to the sun (to shade).

Some types of hats with specific Spanish names are shown below:

Sombrero apuntado/ de medio queso

Sombrero calañés/ de Calañas

Sombrero castoreño

Sombrero chambergo

Sombrero cordobés

Sombrero de canal/ de canoa/ de teja

Sombrero de candil/ de tres candiles/ de tres picos/ tricornio

Sombrero de catite

Sombrero de copa/ de copa alta/ de pelo/ redondo/ chistera

Sombrero de guano

Sombrero gacho/ gaucho

Sombrero hongo/ bombín

Sombrero de jipijapa/ de paja-toquilla/ Panamá

Sombrero jarano/ charro

Some other expressions with the word “sombrero” are:
  • Quitarse el sombrero (to take one's hat off*);
  • Sacarse el sombrero ( to take one's hat off*);
  • Sombrero de ala ancha (wide-brimmed/ wide rimmed hat);
  • Sombrero de paja (straw hat);
  • Sombrero flexible (soft hat/ trilby/ fedora);

*NB To show admiration

Some examples of the use of the word "sombrero" is:
  • El sombrero apuntado o de medio queso suele usarse sólo como prenda de uniforme (cocked hats tend to be used only in uniforms);
  • El sombrero de copa o chistera es el preferido de los presdigitadores (the top hat is the magicians' hat of choice);
  • El sombrero hongo o bombín era el sombrero tradicional del caballero londinense (the bowler hat/ derby was the traditional hat of the city of London gentlemen);
  • El sombrero de jipijapa es originario del Ecuador (the Panama hat originates from Ecuador);
  • Ante ti me quito el sombrero ¡Qué bien hablas español! (I have to admire you. What a great way of speaking Spanish!);
  • Ante ti me saco el sombrero ¡Qué bien hablas español! (I have to admire you. What a great way of speaking Spanish!); loves the word "sombrero" in the YouTube clip: Oleo de una mujer con sombrero - Silvio Rodriguez

For more on the word "sombrero", visit: Sombrero

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “sombrero” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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