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La palabra de hoy es: 'leche' = milk.

The word 'leche' is a feminine noun of Latin origin and is the name given to milk in Spanish.

The Spanish noun 'leche' can also mean:
  • The white juice of fruits/ nuts such as coconuts and almonds
  • Cosmetic liquid compounds of white colour

The Spanish noun 'leche' may also be used to mean:
  • Semen
  • A bump/ a knock
  • A slap in the face

Some Spanish expressions with noun 'leche' are:
  • Leche hidratante (moisturising cream/ milk)
  • Leche condensada (condensed milk)
  • Leche desnatada/ descremada (skimmed milk)
  • Más blanco que la leche (white as a sheet)
  • Leche en polvo (powdered milk)
  • Leche de coco (coconut milk)
  • Leche de almendras (almond milk)
  • Leche de canela (cinnamon oil disolved in wine)
  • Leche de viejos (wine)
  • Leche entera (whole milk)
  • Leche evaporada (evaporated milk)
  • Leche frita (sweet/ dessert made with flour, sugar and milk)
  • Leche limpiadora (cleansing milk)
  • Leche merengada (sweet/ dessert made with egg white, sugar and cinnamon)
  • Mala leche (bad intentions/meanness/  foul mood)
  • A toda leche (at high speed)
  • Echando leches (very fast)

Examples of the use of the noun 'leche' are:
  • Pedro se dió una leche con el coche (Pedro had a bump with his car)
  • A Manolo le dieron una leche (Manolo had his face slapped)
  • ¡Qué mala leche tienes! (you are really mean!)
  • Iba echando leches (he/ she/ it was going very fast)
  • Iba a toda leche (he/ she/ it was going very fast) loves the word 'leche' in the YouTube clip of Moneda Dura singing: Mala leche
For more on the word 'leche', visit: Leche
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