Thursday, 21 January 2016

What Is The Weather Like Today?


This post aims to help with a simple interaction which could arise when talking on the phone or chatting online.


Imagine you are talking on the phone/ chatting online to a relative, a friend or colleague. Maybe you are making small talk. At some point, the other person says: "what is the weather like today?"

In Spanish, the other person could choose to say:
¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?


The question is an invitation for you to state what the weather is like today.

Here are common ways of describing the weather at present in Spanish:
  • El cielo está despejado (the sky is clear)
  • Está granizando (there are hailstone)
  • Está lloviendo (it is raining)
  • Está lloviendo a cántaros (it is raining cats and dogs)
  • Está lloviznando (it is drizzly)
  • Está nevando (it is snowing)
  • Está nublado (it is cloudy)
  • Está tronando (it is thundery)
  • Está un poco nublado (it is a little cloudy)
  • Estamos a 250 C (the temperature is 250 C)
  • Estamos a 20 C bajo cero (the temperature is 20 C below zero)
  • Hace calor (it is warm/ hot)
  • Hace fresco (it is cool)
  • Hace frío (it is cold)
  • Hace mucho calor (it is very hot)
  • Hace mucho frío (it is very cold)
  • Hace mucho viento (it is very windy)
  • Hace sol (it is sunny)
  • Hace un poco calor (it is a bit hot)
  • Hace un poco fresco (it is bit cool)
  • Hace un poco frío (it is a bit cold)
  • Hace un poco viento (it is a bit windy)
  • Hace viento (it is windy)
  • Hay tormenta (it is stormy)
  • Hay niebla (it is foggy)
  • Hay neblina (it is misty)
  • Hay relámpagos (lightening is striking)
  • Graniza (there are hailstone)
  • Llovizna (it is drizzly)
  • Llueve (it is raining)
  • Llueve a cántaros (it is raining cats and dogs)
  • Nieva (it is snowing)
  • Truena (it is thundery)


It is perhaps worth remembering that when talking about the weather in Spanish we often use expressions which would make little sense when translated literally into English.

Now you should practice answering the question:
¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?

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