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Today's word is: Bolsa
Clase: sustantivo (noun)
Género: femenino (feminine)
Origen: latín (Latin)

In Spanish, “bolsa” is a feminine noun of Latin origin which means bag and is used as in:
  • Llevaban la ropa en bolsas (they were carrying the clothes in bags)

The noun “bolsa” is also used to refer to the stock exchange/ stock market, and used as in:
  • La bolsa registró ayer una caída significativa (the stock exchange registered a significant fall yesterday)

The noun “bolsa” may also mean pouch, and be used as in:
  • La bolsa del canguro (the kangaroo's pouch)

The diminitive form “bolsillo” is a related word meaning pocket, and used as in:
  • Los bolsillos de la chaqueta (the jacket's pockets)

The action word/ verb “embolsar” is a related word meaning to pocket, or to collect, and is used as in:
  • Los hermanos se embolsaron una fortuna (the brothers pocketed a fortune)

Some Spanish expressions with the word “bolsa” are:
  • Acción cotizada en bolsa (listed stock/ listed shares)
  • Acciones cotizadas en bolsa (listed stock/ listed shares)
  • Agente de bolsa (stockbroker)
  • Agente de cambio y bolsa (stockbroker)
  • Bajada de la bolsa (stock market drop/ fall)
  • Bolsa de aseo (toiletry bag)
  • Bolsa de compra (shopping bag)
  • Bolsa de dormir (sleeping bag)
  • Bolsa de empleo (job listings/ classified job ads)
  • Bolsa de estudios (bursary)
  • Bolsa de mano (handbag)
  • Bolsa de trabajo (job listings/ classified job ads)
  • Bolsa de valores (stock exchange)
  • Bolsa de viaje (travel bag)
  • Bolsa marsupial (pouch -marsupial)
  • Casa de bolsa (stock exchange)
  • Jugar a la bolsa (to play the stockmarket)
  • La bolsa o la vida (your money or your life*)
  • Subida de la bolsa (stock market rise)
  • Valor en bolsa (stock value)


In Spanish, a lady's handbag is also/ better known a “bolso

*Phrase used by highwaymen loves the word "bolsa" in the YouTube clip: LO QUE QUEPA EN LA BOLSA (Official)

For more on the word "bolsa", visit: Bolsa

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word bolsa” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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