Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Today's word is: "ventana" = window

In Spanish, “ventana” is a feminine noun of Latin origin which means window and used as in:
  • La ventana está cerrada (the window is closed)

The masculine noun “ventanal” is a related word meaning large window or picture window, and used as in:
  • El ventanal de la iglesia del pueblo (the large window of the town's church)

Also related to “ventana” is the diminutive “ventanilla” -see more on the word “ventanilla

Some Spanish expressions with the word “ventana” are:
  • Abrir la ventana (to open the window)
  • Asomarse a la ventana (to lean/ look out of the window)
  • Cerrar la ventana (to close the window)
  • Tirar la casa por la ventana (to splash out/ to push the boat out/ to go all out)
  • Tirarse por la ventana (to jump out of the window)
  • Ventana de diálogo (dialogue/ dialogue box -in computers)
  • Ventana de entrega (delivery window)
  • Ventana de socorro (emergency exit window*)
  • Ventana de tiempo (time window/ time frame)
  • Ventana francesa (French window)


*Window found typically in buses/ similar public transport vehicles, which can be easily broken to provide an emergency exit. loves the word "ventana" in the YouTube clip: Andy & Lucas - Y En Tu Ventana

For more on the word "ventana", visit: Ventana

NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word ventana”in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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