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Today's word is: "farmacia" = chemist's/ drugstore
In Spanish, “farmacia” is a feminine noun of Latin/ Greek origin, which means chemists/ drugstore and is used as in:
  • La farmacia está al lado del banco (the chemist's/ pharmacy is next door to the bank);

The noun “farmacia” is used also to refer to pharmacology or pharmacy, as in:
  • Estudié farmacia en la universidad (I studied pharmacy at university)

A related word is “farmacéutico”/ “farmacéutica”, a describing word/ adjective meaning pharmaceutical, as in:
  • La industria farmacéutica (the pharmaceutical industry);

A related word is “farmacéutico”/ “farmacéutica”, could also be a noun meaning pharmacist, as in:
  • Pedro es farmacéutico (Pedro is a pharmacist)
  • María es farmacéutica (Maria is a pharmacist)

Also related is the word “fármaco”, a noun meaning drug or medicine, as in:
  • Fármacos de nueva generación (new generation drugs/ medicines)

Some Spanish expressions with the word “farmacia” are:
  • Auxiliar de farmacia (chemist's assistant);
  • Farmacia de guardia (out of hours or all night chemist's/ drugstore);
  • Farmacia de turno (out of hours or all night chemist's/ drugstore);
  • Farmacia piloto (out of hours or all night chemist's/ drugstore -Cuba); loves the word "farmacia" in the YouTube clip: Guasones - Farmacia (video oficial)

For more on the word "farmacia", visit: Farmacia

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “farmacia” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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