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Today's WOTD is: "moneda" = coin
In Spanish, “moneda” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is coin, as in:
  • Una moneda de dos euros (a two-Euro coin)
  • Treinta monedas de plata (thirty pieces of silver)

The diminutive form “monedita” (little coin) is commonly used.

The noun “moneda” also often used to refer to currency , as in:
  • La moneda oficial de México es el peso (the official currency of Mexico is the Peso)

The describing word/ adjective “monetario”/ “monetaria” means monetary, as in:
  • El Fondo Monetario Internacional -FMI (the International Monetary Fund -IMF);

Some Spanish expressions with the word “moneda” are:
  • Cambio de moneda (currency exchange)
  • Casa de la moneda (mint)
  • Dos caras de la misma moneda (two sides of the same token/ coin)
  • Echar una moneda al aire (to toss a coin/ to flip a coin)
  • Introducir una moneda (to insert a coin)
  • La Fábrica Nacional de la Moneda y Timbre (the National Mint)
  • La otra cara de la moneda (the flip side/ the downside)
  • Lanzar una moneda al aire (to toss a coin/ to flip a coin)
  • Moneda corriente (common currency)
  • Moneda de cambio (exchange currency/ bargaining chip)
  • Moneda de curso legal (legal tender)
    • La libra esterlina es la moneda de curso legal en el Reino Unido (the Pound Sterling is legal tender in the UK)
  • Moneda de libre circulación (freely circulating currency)
  • Moneda de pago (payment currency)
  • Moneda de reserva (reserve currency)
  • Moneda devaluada (devalued currency)
  • Moneda dura (hard currency)
  • Moneda extranjera (foreign currency)
  • Moneda falsa (counterfeit currency/ counterfeit money)
  • Moneda fuerte (hard currency)
  • Moneda nacional (national currency)
  • Moneda única (single currency)
  • Pagar en la misma moneda (to pay in kind/ to pay back -retaliate)
  • Tirar una moneda al aire (to toss a coin/ to flip a coin)
  • Voltear una moneda (to toss a coin/ to flip a coin) loves the word "moneda" in the YouTube clip: moneda dura "mala leche"

For more on the word "moneda", visit: Moneda

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “moneda” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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