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Today's WOTD is: "cazo" = ladle
In Spanish, “cazo” is a masculine noun of uncertain Latin origin, the main meaning of which is ladle, as in:
  • Usamos ese cazo para servir la sopa (we use that ladle to serve the soup);

The noun “cazo” may also mean a ladleful -a quantity or amount, as in:
  • En ese plato caben más de cinco cazos de sopa (that plate is big enough to hold more than five ladles of soup)

In addition, the noun “cazo” is often used to refer to the bucket of a mechanical/ industrial digger or excavator, as in:
  • Se vende cazo para máquina excavadora (digger/ excavator bucket for sale);

Some Spanish expressions with the word “cazo” are:
  • Mano de cazo (left handed person -colloquial)
    • No sabía que eras mano de cazo (I didn't know you were left handed)
  • Meter alguien el cazo (to put one's foot in it/ in one's mouth -colloquial)
    • Me parece que metí el cazo (I think I put my foot in it/ in my mouth)
  • Poner alguien el cazo (to accept cash or other unearned rewards in a concealed and often obsequious or subservient manner* -colloquial)
    • El amor propio no les permite poner el cazo (their self-esteem does not allow them to accept unearned rewards/ backhanders)


    * NB The expression “poner el cazo” is often used to refer to the actions of people who slavishly accept rewards or backhanders and in doing so contribute to perpetuate an unequal and unfair situation. loves the word "cazo" in the YouTube clip: Cruz yraya - Parodia, pon el cazo

For more on the word "cazo", visit: Cazo

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