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Today's WOTD is: "fin" = end
In Spanish, “fin” is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is end, as in:
  • Pongamos fin a esta farsa (lets put an end to this charade);

A related word is “final”, which also means end, as in:
  • Las vacaciones tuvieron un final inesperado (the holiday had an unexpected end);

Also related action word is “finalizar”, which means to end, as in:
  • Nuestro cometido finalizará mañana (our commitment will end tomorrow);

Some Spanish expressions with the word “fin” are:
  • A fin de (in order to/ so that);
    • Hay que llevar ropa de abrigo a fin de no pasar frío (warm clothing most be worn in order not to feel cold);
  • A fin de cuentas (at the end of the day/ in short/ irrespective of anything else);
  • A fin de que (in order to/ so that);
    • Me llamaron a fin de que me enterase de lo ocurrido (they called me so that I got to know what had happened);
  • A fines de (towards the end of -usually a week/ month/ year);
    • Volveremos a fines de marzo (we will return towards the end of March);
  • Al fin (finally/ at last);
    • ¡Al fin llegamos! (we arrived at last!);
  • Al fin y al cabo (in the end/ after all);
    • Al fin y al cabo, somos humanos (after all, we are human);
  • De principio a fin (from beginning to end);
  • En fin* (finally/ anyway/ anyhow);
  • Fin de año (year end);
  • Fin de fiesta (finale);
  • Fin de mes (month end);
  • Fin de semana** (weekend);
  • Llegar a fin de mes (to make ends meet)
    • Nos cuesta mucho llegar a fin de mes (we struggle to make ends meet);
  • Por fin (finally/ at last);
    • ¡Por fin llegamos! (we arrived at last!);
  • Sin fin*** (never ending/ countless)
    • Hubo épocas de oportunidades sin fin (there were times of countless opportunities);
  • Tener como fin (to be purpose of);
    • Esa carta tiene como fin informar al cliente (the purpose of this letter is to inform the customer);
  • Tocar a su fin (to come to the end);
    • El verano está tocando a su fin (summer is coming to its end);

*NB The meaning of “en fin” varies depending on context.
**NB Sometimes shortened to “finde
***NB The expression “sin fin” (two words) should be used as an adjective and should not be confused with the masculine noun “sinfín” (single word with graphic accent over the second “í”) which means an endless number of/ a lot of something, as in: Tuvimos un sinfín de oportunidades (we had lots of opportunities);

Love-Spanish.com loves the word "fin" in the YouTube clip: Belanova -Hasta El Final

For more on the word "fin", visit: Wordreference.com/es/en/ Fin

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “fin” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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