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Today's WOTD is: "entrada" = entrance

1. In Spanish, “entrada” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is entrance, or entry as in:
  • Las entradas laterales de la estación estaban cerradas (the station's side entrances were closed);

2. The noun “entrada” is often used to refer to the lobby or foyer of a hotel or similar, as in:
  • Nos vemos en la entrada del hotel (we meet in the hotel lobby/ foyer);

3. Besides that, the noun “entrada” is often used to refer to a ticket or similar form of admission, as in:
  • He sacado entradas para el cine (I have bought tickets for the cinema);

4. The noun “entrada” is also used to refer to the attendance to an event, as in:
  • El partido de anoche registró una gran entrada (last night's game had a great attendance);

5. The noun “entrada” is often used to refer to down payment, or deposit, as in:
  • Hay que pagar 100 euros de entrada y luego mensualidades de 40 euros (a 100 Euro deposit followed by monthly payments of 40 Euros are required);

6. In food/ eating, the noun “entrada” is often used to refer to starter dish or appetizer, as in:
  • Me apetece algo leve como entrada (I feel like having something light as a starter/ appetizer);

7. In football/ soccer and other sports, the noun “entrada” is often used to refer to tackle, as in:
  • El delantero fue objeto de una durísima entrada (the forward was at the receiving end of a very hard tackle);

8. A related word is the action word/ verb “entrar”, the main meaning of which is to enter, as in:
  • Entramos en el edificio por la puerta trasera (we entered the building by the back door);

9. Also related is the describing word/ adjective “entrado”/ “entrada” as in:
  • Llegamos a Madrid entrado el invierno (we arrived in Madrid with winter well set in);
  • Nos fuimos de Madrid entrada la primavera (we left Madrid with spring well set in);

10. Some expressions in Spanish with the word “entrada” are:
  • Bandeja de entrada (in tray);
  • Cobrar la entrada (to charge an entry/ admission fee);
  • De entrada (to begin with);
    • De entrada tengo que llamar a casa (to begin with, I need to call home);
  • Entrada de energía (energy/ power input);
  • Entrada libre (free admission/ entry);
  • Fecha de entrada en vigor (coming into force/ becoming effective date);
    • Se ha fijado la fecha de entrada en vigor del nuevo límite de velocidad (the date in which the new speed limit comes into force has been set);
  • Persona entrada en años (mature/ old person); loves the word "entrada" in the YouTube clip: Entrada Libre para Amarte 

For more on the word "entrada", visit: Entrada

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “entrada” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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