Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Today's WOTD is: "cartelera" = billboard

In Spanish, “cartelera” is a feminine noun of Provençal origin, the main meaning of which is billboard, as in:
  • En el aeropuerto hay una cartelera enorme (at the airport there is a huge billbord);

The word “cartelera” also means listings*, as in:
  • ¿Esa película sigue en cartelera? (is that film still showing in cinemas?);

*NB This meaning refers to a section usually found in newspapers/ magazines which is dedicated to films, TV programmes, etcetera and which includes programme guides/ listings.

The word “cartelero”/ “cartelera” also means billposter/ billsticker, as in:
  • Pedro es cartelero (Pedro is a billposter/ billsticker);

The word “cartelero”/ “cartelera”, may be used to describe an artist/ act as popular/capable of drawing in the crowds, as in:
  • Esta noche actúa un prestidigitador muy cartelero (tonight's act is a very popular magician);

Love-Spanish.com loves the word "cartelera" in the YouTube clip: Estrenos de Cartelera - Shrek 2

For more on the word "cartelera", visit: wordreference.com/es/ Cartelera

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