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Today's WOTD is: "limpieza" = cleanliness

1. In Spanish, “limpieza” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is cleanliness, as in:
  • Somos fanáticos de la limpieza (we are obsessed with cleanliness);

2. The noun “limpieza” is also used often to refer to a clean up/ cleaning, as in:
  • El coche está muy sucio, necesita una buena limpieza (the car is very dirty, it needs a good cleaning);
  • Sera difícil eliminar la corrupción sin una limpieza del cuerpo de policía (eliminating corruption will be difficult without a clean up of the police force);

3. The noun “limpieza” may also be used to refer to behaviour which is honest/ up front in business or sports, as in:
  • Siempre hemos actuado con limpieza en los negocios (in business we have always been honest/ up front);

4. A related action word/ verb is “limpiar”, the main meaning of which is to clean.
  • Voy a limpiar la cocina (I am going to clean the cooker);

5. A related describing word/ adjective is “limpio”/ “limpia”, the main meaning of which is clean.
  • Tenemos las manos limpias (our hands are clean);

6. Some expressions in Spanish with the word “limpieza” are:
  • Cuarto de limpieza (cleaning room);
    • El mocho está en el cuarto de limpieza (the mop is in the cleaning room);
  • Hacer la limpieza (to clean/ to clean up/ to do the house work);
    • Por la mañana hago la limpieza (I do the house work in the morning);
  • Limpieza a fondo (thorough cleaning);
    • La cocina necesita una limpieza a fondo (the kitchen needs a deep cleaning);
  • Limpieza de boca (dental clean up/ scale and polish);
    • En el dentista me han hecho una limpieza de boca (I have had a scale and polish at the dentist);
  • Limpieza de corazón (purity of heart);
  • Limpieza de cutis (facial cleansing/ a facial);
    • Necesito una limpieza de cutis (I need a cleansing facial);
  • Limpieza de manos (integrity/ honesty);
  • Limpieza en seco (dry cleaning);
  • Limpieza en seco profesional (professional dry cleaning);
  • Limpieza étnica (ethnic cleansing);
    • Las ONG denunciaron la limpeza étnica (the NGOs condemned the ethnic cleansing);
  • Limpieza periódica (periodical cleaning);
    • La caldera de la calefacción requiere limpieza periódica (the central heating boiler needs periodic cleaning);
  • Limpieza profunda (deep/ thorough cleaning);
    • Te hiciste una limpieza profunda de cutis, ¿no? (you had a thorough cleansing facial done, haven't you?);
  • Producto de limpieza (cleaning product);
    • El uso de productos de limpieza no deja de incrementarse (the use of cleaning products doesn't stop growing);
  • Señora de la limpieza (cleaning lady)
    • La señora de la limpieza viene por las mañanas (the cleaning lady comes in the mornings);
  • Servicio de limpieza (cleaning service);
    • Llamamos al servicio de limpieza (we called the cleaning service); loves the word "limpieza" in the YouTube clip: Seguridad Industrial - Orden y limpieza en la zona de trabajo

For more on the word "limpieza", visit: Limpieza

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “limpieza” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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